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No pet insurance?
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We know that pet care is expensive and many families are denied coverage when they need it most. With myBalto, you don't have to worry about pre-existing conditions, exclusions, or poor credit. We help you because everyone needs a paw once in a while!
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Enter our monthly Vet Bill Sweepstakes!

Every month, we give away money to random myBalto users who submitted a vet bill. Free of charge! No strings attached!
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Get help with EVERY vet bill as a myBalto VIP user!

As a paid subscriber, you can submit your vet bill to our Vet Bill Pool and you will ALWAYS receive some funding for your vet bill.

How much  $$$ can I get?

The amount you receive depends on how many myBalto VIP members submitted a vet bill and the number of treats you have relative to those that submitted. The more treats you have, the more you save!

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