No, myBalto is not pet insurance. Although we think pet insurance is a great idea and highly encourage it, we also know that it doesn't fit everyone's situation. With our Vet Bill Payments programs and our myBalto Charitable Fund, you don't have to worry about pre-existing conditions, exclusions, or paying us back. We are here to help you and your pet!

myBalto was designed to save you money and one way to do that is through participation! Every week, you accumulate Baltier points through activities on our app. This can be anything from voting in one of our weekly races to purchasing a pet toy through one of our affiliate companies. At the end of the week, your total Baltier points earn you "Treats" based on what tier you are ranked in relative to the entire myBalto community. As you accumulate "Treats", you can purchase myBalto memberships, discounts on major pet supplies, and even gift cards for cash back! For a great explanation on how our reward system works, check out our animated video here!

Your pet’s microchip number is unique to them. Think “social security number” for your pet. This allows us to find and attach your pet’s medical records to your myBalto profile. If you don't have one (and don't plan on getting one), you will need a myBalto ID tag if you ever want to sync your pet's records automatically.

- When you purchase a myBalto subscription, we send you a FREE myBalto ID tag. The ID tag also helps your veterinarian look up your records quickly by scanning your pet's tag.

- Universal access to your pet’s records is essential to improving information sharing between hospitals that don’t use the same veterinary management software (and even ones that do)! This becomes relevant when you are seeing a veterinarian for the first time and they want to see your pet’s recent bloodwork or radiograph (x-ray) performed. If that information is not available, you may have to repeat them which can be costly (average of $200-$400 per diagnostic). myBalto wants to save you money!

- Plus, we also have our Vet Bill Payments programs, an awesome cash back program, our unique gamified rewards system, and.... oh you're still reading? We thought you would have signed up by now... what are you waiting for? A free puppy too?!? Sign up and start saving today!

Ask them! Its free to sign up and it allows us to establish the myBalto Charitable Fund for their hospital, which can help a lot of pets in need. Plus, it gives you 24/7 access to your pet's medical records to give you complete control of your pet's health.